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Prey announced @ E3 2016

The above awesome trailer shown of the new Prey coming in 2017 from Arkane Studios, such beautiful graphics! We had the pleasure of helping out with props,  and environment work for this project, we teamed up with ABP to create stunning content together. 

Alan Van Ryzin
COD: Infinite Warfare

We're super excited to announce that we've been producing amazing weapons for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, stay tuned for more info!

Alan Van Ryzin
COD: Modern Warfare Remastered

Coming soon! COD: Modern Warefare Remastered from Raven and Activison!  We had the extreme pleasure of helping create weapons for this game, we cant wait to play it!

Alan Van Ryzin

Welcome to our new site! 

We're excited to announce what we've been working on, and sharing some of the amazing content we've been producing.  Our team has been hard at work on the latest and greatest projects.  Stay tuned!

Alan Van Ryzin