Company Design


When we first got started a few years ago, I set out to design a logo and look for our company that was as simple as possible.  We knew what we wanted- something clean, simplistic, techy, and sophisticated.  This is what I came up with in the little time we had to launch our website and studio.

Original Logo

Original Logo

Since then, our company has grown 10x its original size, and with that our ideas of who and what we are have evolved.  We realized we are not just a company that makes awesome art. We are a team, a group, a family, but we still wanted something that reflects our history and what makes us different.

We started with looking back at our history.  It all started when I freelanced doing art under the name "polygoo" 12 years ago.  Fast forward to now, we have brought on a multi-talented team of people to continue that.  We wanted something that represented our heritage, and where we came from, and what we still stand for.

We introduce our new logo, t-shirt designs, and sticker designs.  We'll be giving away shirts to friends and family, as well as at this years GDC!



We came up with the tagline "Wheels, Steels, and Things that go Boom" for our t-shirt designs- something we thought was very reflective of the type of work we are passionate about: Weapons, Vehicles, and anything related!

We knew we didn't want to make all of our re-brand about the militaristic weapons and vehicle work we do, but we wanted it apart of our logo and design because its our heritage, and where we got started in this industry, something we will always be passionate about.



Thanks for reading!